Memetic Coaching, Clarifying your Thinking , Improving your Performance

Coaching Validations and Recommendations


“Coaching does  not always need to be about  long sessions over many months, but assessing the need and working with the client to establish a route to achieving his/ hers need, this Anthony was able to achieve with myself in a very short period of time.”

Managing Director of Major PLC.


“You (Anthony) establish level of understanding and tailor your session according to the level of awareness of the person.  You provide some great insight”.

SVP Blue-chip Pharma Org.


“Overall Anthony’s relaxed and intuitive style of coaching has turned around my work life and led me to feel significantly more confident, happy and engaged in my role.”

Director, Global Banking Organization


“The overall outcome of our sessions, saw me change my perception on a number of matters in my personal and professional life, which are linked to some significant changes for myself, in terms of how I look after myself, I am healthier now than I have been in 20 years,  and I got promoted at work, and I am now playing to my strengths in the new role”.

Director Global Retail Org.


“Anthony has helped me immensely working through a number of personal challenges I have been promoted twice since he began helping me I’m sure in part to the help I have obtained”

VP Global Pharma Org.


“The impact this has had on me, is it has confirmed in my own mind the significance of focusing on behavioural improvements and how this can be undertaken in a pragmatic and practical way “

Learning and Development Manager, Global Technology Provider

“I enjoyed working with Anthony, it was his rare blend of intellectual gravitas which was used with real emotional nous, that helped us identify a number of areas that I could practically work on, during our professional relationship that lasted over 3 years. It would be no underestimation to say working with Anthony was pivotal in the success of my career, and a key reason why I still use his skills to this day to sense check my direction of travel towards my personal and professional goals. Anthony has a broad knowledge base across many cultures and industries that helped us reframe some of the opportunities I was working on. I would highly recommend Anthony working with any organisation who are seeking to develop the senior leadership team”.

Director Retail


“Anthony’s easy-going approach has enabled me to over-come considerable confidence issues at the start of a new and challenging position at WWF. Without seemingly resorting to ‘coaching-speak’ and formal frameworks, the sessions with Anthony enabled me to take braver steps and believe that my ideas could be valid enough for senior-management recognition. As it turns out my ideas are now widely talked about, and a tool and approach that I developed with a small number of colleagues has just been launched to the whole WWF-network and is receiving significant external interest.”

 Extractives and Infrastructure Manager


“I was coached by Anthony and found the whole experience invaluable. At the outset we agreed what outcomes we desired from the coaching and spent the next few months working towards them, utilising a range of techniques and approaches. I found Anthony a positive force at a time where that was needed, helping me shape my responses to situations as well as considering and implementing alternative approaches that were practical and achievable. Though the process is ongoing at the end of our sessions I felt empowered to challenge my set approaches but also those around me, as well as armed with a range of new tools.  Anthony is someone who believes in possibilities, a trait that is infectious when coupled with the knowledge and experience that Anthony possesses.”

Director Retail




“I have had the privilege to use Anthony services during my tenure  as part of an executive development program. I found Anthony’s coaching to be of huge value and second to none on his field. I was able to leverage from his vast knowledge and benefit from his coaching immediately. Anthony was of particular help at revealing several areas of opportunity for my development; and provided me with effective methods and approaches for how to overcome those challenges, accelerating my personal growth. In addition, I have worked with Anthony as a sparring partner while working for other companies, and I have obtained a very valuable coaching consistently. What impress me more about Anthony is his ability to go deep till getting to the root cause of the problem, he has an outstanding ability for helping others clarify thinking on complex issues. It is worth to mentioned that working with him is very pleasant, even when he challenges you, his natural empathy and mastering of coaching, makes the experience worthwhile. He brought real value and passion to the table. I very much enjoyed working with him and will continue so, as I have much trust in his abilities. I highly recommend Anthony for any individual or organization that seeks to leverage from the very best.”

SVP Manufacturing




“Having experienced and witnessed Anthony’s coaching, I found his approach unique in that he displayed the ability to effectively dance on a professional beat but yet use curiosity as a precursor to achieving a more intimate dance that led to meaningful realisations and break throughs for his clients… in others words he got the results that his clients wanted”.

 HRD Hospitality


“Anthony has provided one to one coaching for a number of our people over recent years.  He is an experienced, professional coach, whose support has been invaluable to the people he has worked with here, covering a range of career and management challenges”

HR Director

“Anthony carried out an invaluable work shadow assignment  and analysis as part of an exercise, which gave me a much deeper insight into how I operate and the balance in my character,. I have used this as the basis of creating an improved culture of  collaboration  within our group which has led to improved bench strength and teamwork”

 CEO, Transportation/Shipping


“I would without hesitation recommend you as a coach for anyone seeking to take a different perspective or route in their career”.

 CEO Retail