Memetic Coaching, Clarifying your Thinking , Improving your Performance

What’s the benefit of coaching?

If you choose to engage in a coaching relationship, you first need to think about what you want to accomplish through coaching.  Typical outcomes may include:
• gaining new perspectives on specific challenges and opportunities
• improved application, energy and resilience from recipients of coaching
• more creativity, empowerment and ownership unleashed in the business
• increased retention of key people who feel valued by their organisation
• improved management and leadership to benefit organisational culture
• effective organizational change through support of teams and individuals
• improved decision-making skills,
• enhanced personal and professional effectiveness.

In studies conducted to measure the impact of coaching in business, results have consistently demonstrated a significant improvement. From a personal perspective, morale, self-confidence, resilience, happiness and energy may all improve. Organisationally, increases in impact, commitment, productivity and overall performance may result.

Crucially, these outcomes may be determined at the contracting stage of a coaching relationship and should remain within the direct control of the participant throughout the coaching period and beyond. Each dimension may be specifically analysed, benchmarked, developed and improvement measured.