Memetic Coaching, Clarifying your Thinking , Improving your Performance

What is Coaching ?

Coaching is a confidential, one-to-one relationship with a professional who is invested in your success, strategizing and motivating you to perform at your best.  A coach will help you clarify your goals, create a strategy for achieving your goals, and help you to sustain motivation by holding you accountable for the steps along the way.Coaching is tailored to the needs of the individual. Both personal and situational, some of the most frequent reasons for using executive coaching are to address the following:
• preparation for role/career changes;
• supporting the appointment of a person into a different role;
• enhancing personal impact, performance, confidence or resiliance;
• managing stress, change, conflict or crisis;
• accelerating the personal development of people defined as high potential;
• acting as an objective and independent sounding board to a senior individual;
• offering tailored development to reward or retain key or business critical staff.